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Couple scrambling days before wedding when Craigslist scam
The church is chosen, the flowers square measure picked, however one crucial element is missing for one young couple's wedding.
Where can everyone sleep?

Alan Stout and his betrothed, Angela Miceli, thought metropolis would be the proper place for associate August wedding. everybody within the wedding, even the bride and groom, square measure from out of city. So, Angela's dada rented a stunning house in Seattle’s University District for the nine-person wedding. it absolutely was excellent, even walking distance to the church... approximately they thought.

“We visited the house and knocked on the door, and there have been folks within the house,” aforesaid Angela. “They told US they were transaction the house. I began to cry.”

It seems the house was for rent, simply not by the guy WHO rented it to the not-so-happy couple. And it isn’t the primary time it's happened at an equivalent house.

“I'm like, frick, this happened once more,” aforesaid Brendan Kenny. “This is that the fourth time in four months!”

Kenny’s uncle owns the house and rents it out as a domicile. Kenny aforesaid scammers have taken an advertisement for the house, that is denote on legitimate rental sites, and derived it to Craigslist.

In this case, the family wired $3,000 for a two-week rental. Kenny had to interrupt the news to the bride and groom.

“I felt terrible,” he said. “We found it on Craigslist before, and every one we are able to hump flag it as spam. aside from that, it is a public newspaper advertisement. there is not a lot of else we are able to do concerning it.”

Kenny urges folks to solely rent homes from legitimate sites, like or, not Craigslist.

Despite the debacle, the marriage goes on, however not while not the wrath of a hated bride.

“Actually, I e-mailed the guy last night, and that i told him he's a foul person,” she said. “I told him I hope God's justice would strike upon him. (If there square measure any reports of somebody obtaining affected by lightning), that’s the guy!”
The wedding is August ninth and also the guests have already begun inward. The bride and groom square measure in a very building for currently, however they’re still probing for a house to rent for the remainder of the family and friends.  For now, Alan and Angela square measure specializing in their future, and happier times ahead.

“We referred to as and created positive our honeymoon reservations square measure in-tact, and that they square measure,” aforesaid the groom. “So, create the honeymoon!”

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